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R&D_1390X690_Artboard 1 Testing And R&D


To ensure that at each stage enough care is taken and the right quality parameters are met, testing becomes an integral part of the entire value chain.
As the setup demands, we have a comprehensive range of Testing labs and equipment in-house to ensure consistency/regularity during the entire manufacturing process. We have a fully equipped USTER lab for our spinning department and an in-house fabric sampling setup as well. Our processing and embroidery setup is complemented with a holistic lab to ensure each color, dimension, strength, and other parameters are checked for complete quality product orientation.
Having such comprehensive testing in-house gives us an edge to have an in-house R&D department. We have an entire mechanism to develop different types of blends, weaves, processes, and finishes. Relevance as per current market requirements along with ideation is kept in mind for the development of new products. This process helps us to offer a variety of new products to our customers.